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Dos Marcos Podcast

Dos Marcos Podcast - Operated by Sleep Geek funded by Leggett & Platt

Ep. 73: Purple's CMO Alex McArthur is Not Normal

Ep. 72: BANNED from the Bedding Conference

Ep. 71: Amazon Expert John Collins Breaks Down the eCommerce Behemoth

Ep. 70: Helix Sleep Co-Founder Jerry Lin

Ep. 69: Brett Thornton, the Living Spaces Living Legend

Ep. 68: LIVE at ISPA Expo 2018 - Should Brands and Retailers Co-Develop?

Ep. 67: Mattress Firm Entering a New Era

Ep. 66: Stripper Poles, Sex, and Smoking Your Bed — a LIVE Romp Through Las Vegas Market

Ep. 65: How Will The Industry Grow Through 2019?

Ep. 64: Dos Marcos' Predictions, True or False?

Ep. 63: You Figured Out Your Relationship with the Internet

Ep. 62: The Mysterious Underworld of Online Mattress Review Sites

Ep. 61: Robbed in San Francisco Before the Sleep Tech Summit

Ep. 60: The Battle Between Tuft & Needle and Mattress Firm

Ep. 59: Nick's Big Trip to Jordan's

Ep. 58: Rumors from Las Vegas Market

Ep. 57: Steinhoff Bought Mattress Firm and Sherwood—Now What?

Ep. 56: Reconsider Your Approach to Selling Online

Ep. 55: How to Step-Up Your Digital and Social Marketing

Ep. 54: Becoming Company Spokesperson in a Digital Age

Ep. 53: The Tiny Shift in TV Ads That Can Make You More Money

Ep. 52: Discover 14 Tiny Details That Matter at Retail (Part 2)

Ep. 51: Discover 14 Tiny Details That Matter at Retail (Part 1)

Ep. 50: How to Live Your Unique Purpose (Not Matthew McConaughey's)

Ep. 49: Tempur+Sealy and Mattress Firm Break Up

Ep. 48: Bold Predictions for 2017 and Beyond

Ep. 47: Bedding's Biggest Voice, Dave Perry from Furniture Today

Ep. 46: A Magical Trip to Jordan's and Beyond

Ep. 45: 7 Hacks To Add Rocket Fuel To Your Sales Team

Ep. 44: Mattress Firm's $2.4 Billion Buyout

Ep. 43: Steel Stories and Kinsley's Strange Encounter

Ep. 42: Make The Iron Hot (How Action is the Answer)

Ep. 41: Dangers of Online Mattress Sales (inside #FTBedCon)

Ep. 40: The Story Behind Vertical Merchandising of Mattresses

Ep. 39: Mattress Firm's 2016 BedTalks Event

Ep. 38: Telling Your Dog the Bed Is Off Limits

Ep. 37: Dos Marcos Reunites and Talks Vegas Market, Going Barless

Ep. 36: "Edge Heads" Actors Discuss Life On the Edge (of a mattress)

Ep. 35: Relief Bed Launches (feat. Scott Smalling)

Ep. 34: This Man Writes Books About Selling Mattresses

Ep. 33: Discount Tire Earns Top-Rating from Dos Marcos

Ep. 32: Unpacking Mark Quinn's Past Few Months (and what's next)

Ep. 31: How 15 Years Changed Adjustable Beds (feat. Larry Shinkle)

Ep. 30: Selling Adjustable Beds 101, 102, and 103

Ep. 29: 6 Myths of the Mattress Industry with Michael Magnuson

Ep. 27: Olympic Luge-Coaching Beducator on the Components of Selling

Ep. 26: Barrie Brown's 25 Years on the Front Lines (plus Defining Moments for RSAs)

Ep. 24: Mark Kinsley's Innovation Speech at the Furniture Today Leadership Conference

Ep. 23: Winning Wisdom of Pete Primeau (Getting to the Top 1%)

Ep. 21: Disruptive Thinking and Dale-Style Training with Doug Stewart

Ep. 20: Inside GoodBed.com with CEO Michael Magnuson

Ep. 19: Innovation or Improvement?

Ep. 18: Inside the "Commission-Free" World of Custom Comfort Mattress

Ep. 17: Tempur-Pedic's Innerspring Hybrid (feat. Bryant Looper)

Ep. 16: The Perfect Sleeper Came Before Serta? (feat. Bob Muenkel)

Ep. 15: Sheep Shearing for Fun and Profit (Mark Quinn's New Venture)

Ep. 14: 8-Hours Message is Wrong, Experiential Retail, Doug Stewart's Story

Ep. 13: Takeaways from Furniture Today's Leadership Conference

Ep. 12: How to Develop Strategy (Donkeys are Involved)

Ep. 11: Dissecting Mattress Mack's $4.2 Million "Loss"

Ep. 10: Adjustable Debate, UK v. US Box Springs, Parrots Pinatas, Sleep Train Event

Ep. 9: Apple Watch, Walking Down Memory Lane with Mark Quinn

Ep. 8: Mark Quinn Leaving Leggett & Platt, Online Mattress Sales, Mankinis

Ep. 7: Making it in the Mattress Industry, Story of the Scullery Maid

Ep. 6: Duck Dynasty Mattresses, Simmons, Serta, and A.H. Beard's Sleep Challenge

Ep. 5: Tempur-Pedic's PGA Connection, Waterbeds, and RSA-free Stores

Ep. 4: Big Foot Attacks in San Francisco, Innovation vs. Time-Tested

Ep. 3: Are Mattress Industry Predictions Coming True for 2014?

Ep. 2: Serta Simmons' Warranty Change, iComfort Ads, and Sleep Science

Ep. 1: Fireworks from Furniture Today's Bedding Conference – 05/29/2014

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